Goji Cream
Best product to protect your face from wrinkles
These nasty imperfections

Wrinkles are skin ruts and folds which emerge on your face, neck, arms, and other parts of the body. They appear due to the rupture and damage of connective elastic fiber such as collagen and elastin which are two most important components of the human skin.

What causes wrinkles?
The main cause for wrinkles is a negative environmental impact
Solar radiation causes premature ageing of skin structures

Various outward factors play an important role in the process of wrinkles emerging on the human skin. They include long exposure to the sun and wind, air temperature fluctuations, and excessive dryness and humidity of the air. If you try to preserve the youth of your skin you should provide it with proper care. Carelessly selected cosmetic products can influence your epidermis as negatively as a complete lack of care.

How can you fight wrinkles?
Innovative formula to handle withering skin problems

Usual products used for wrinkles elimination fight only manifestations of the problem. Unlike them, Goji Cream is manufactured based on the improved technology which enables the penetration of healthful components into deep skin layers eliminating age-related transformations and facilitating the important processes of rejuvenation and regeneration.

Even skin
Without flaws
Elimination from the inside
Innovative developments made in Germany

Wrinkles can be caused by weakened immunity, climate change, UV radiation, natural ageing of the body, skin dehydration, usage of improper cosmetics, and incorrect technique of face cleansing. Goji Cream removes wrinkles regardless of the factor which caused them and solves the problem for good.

Effective removal of wrinkles
Protective properties

The product includes various ingredients which facilitate the protection from UV radiation and restore biologically active elements responsible for the restructuring of skin cells.

Deep penetration

By triggering natural production of collagen in the deep skin layers Goji Cream helps to regain elasticity and youth in no time!

Gentle moisturizing

Your skin has to be moisturized without plugging pores and provoking unnecessary activity of skin glands. Goji Cream does not block the access of oxygen to the cells of the epidermis and improves blood microcirculation in these areas.

Normalization of the balace

The combination of cleansing, moisturizing, and toning medicinal ingredients nourishes the skin, maintains balanced functioning of the oily glands, and makes dehydration impossible.

The efficacy of the application programme

It helps to prevent wrinkles from reemerging by enriching your face and neck skin with a broad range of vitamins, micro elements, and amino acids.

How Goji Cream should be used?
Individual programme of skin rejuvenation

In order to pick the correct rejuvenation programme for your skin, you have to fix the area where wrinkles are located. Specialists who designed Goji Cream explored all possible forms of withering skin and created a clear pattern for your convenience.

Based on a significant clinical experience Goji Creamdermatologists subdivided the manifestation forms into three categories: forehead, area around the eyes, and nasolabial area, which all have their own peculiarities.

Horizontal lines are the direct consequence of our facial gestures. They are also called "alarm" wrinkles as they are caused by such emotions as excitement and anger;

Before the application
In the process of application
After a month of application
Area around eyes

"Crow feet" near the external corners of the eyes. They are formed due to the tension of the eye muscles when a person smiles. Considering the fact that the skin around the eyes is very thin, first visible wrinkles frequently emerge in this spot making person's face look tired or angry.

Before the application
In the process of application
After a month of application
Nasolabial area

Nasolabial area - there are large creases which expand from the alae of the nose to the lips' corner. Purse-string wrinkles are located around the lips. These wrinkles are vertical creases above the upper lip and sometimes they appear under the lower lip as well; wrinkles near the labial commissure.

Before the application
In the process of application
After a month of application
Quick removal of wrinkles without the possibility of relapsing using Goji Cream
The differences compared to the traditional skin smoothing systems

Usual wrinkles removal products act only on the surface areas of the skin and therefore they are ineffective compared to Goji Cream

Goji Cream penetrates into deep skin layers eliminating age-related transformations and participating in the important processes of facial cells rejuvenation.

Goji Cream quickly transforms the skin which lost elasticity. The skin becomes matte, glows from the inside, gets natural ruddiness, it's moisturized, fit, relaxed, and wrinkles smooth.

Goji Cream
You will defeat wrinkles
Best solution for your skin
Main ingredients
The cream contains goji berries, lycopene, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, skin cells recovery-inducing elements, and a complex of minerals.
Thanks to its very rich content, the cream facilitates obtaining of a durable result, wrinkles do not reemerge, and there is no relapse. Facial and neck skin becomes smooth, elastic, toned up, and revitalized.
Who will it suit?
It'll suit women with both fine lines and deep wrinkles
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All knowledge of the German specialists in one bottle of cream
Goji Cream contains
Active form of vitamin A

is present in all face masks. Vitamin A decreases the activity of oily glands, dries oily skin, narrows widened pores, smooths and evens the epidermis.


moisturizes the skin protecting it from excessive drying by the above component.

Vitamin C

is an immunity booster and antioxidant which protects skin from bacteria.

Vitamin PP (B3)

improves blood microcirculation. This vitamin is crucial for cells regeneration.

Vitamin K

facilitates the synthesis of the connective tissue and smooths the skin.

Testing of Goji Cream healing system
The proof of the efficacy of rejuvenating properties of the product
Product's analysis method
A pure culture of Staphylococcus aureus was placed into the protein environment. Then Goji Cream was put on an aseptic paper filter. Finally, a plate with the researched components was heated to 37℃ and left for 24 hours.
Evaluation of the result
Based on the available results we can conclude that Goji Cream is highly effective. It is explained by the fact that it contains vitamins, minerals, and biotin. These substances are concentrated in a molecule which penetrates into the deep skin layers very effectively supplying nutrients to the epidermis and starts its rejuvenating job.
Testing of Goji Cream against wrinkles
Testing method
Glycerin is the main component of skin fat, therefore this substance was researched. A drop of Goji Cream and a drop of an ordinary product are placed in glycerin. After 2 minutes we can see how good the penetration effect of the both products was.
The results of the test
After two minutes the drop of the usual product remained floating on the surface of glycerin as it couldn't mix with it. In contrast, the drop of Goji Cream was evenly spread along the surface of the glycerin, quickly dissolved in it, and mitigated the action of anaphylactogen which could irritate the skin cover, a matter of concern for people with sensitive skin.
Testing moisturizing properties
Testing method
The moisture content in the skin before and after the application of the cream is indicated on the vials. Before and after the cream is applied to the skin, a check is made to see the level of moisture content in the skin. This test reveals how well Goji Cream moisturizes the skin.
Girls worldwide recommend
Feedback on Goji Cream product

Kila, 50

I always looked younger than my actual age which made me feel proud. After a disease, I was depressed and stopped taking care of myself which paid its toll on my appearance. In order to support me, a friend of mine offered me a job at her firm. The role expected customer service and the appearance was important. I needed to look attractive and young as soon as possible. Goji Cream helped me to do it! Customers who I'm usually in touch with think that I'm 10 years younger than I actually am!

Marlini, 56

I see that not so many people leave their feedback. It's not good. I've been using the cream for almost a year and I never regretted that I bought it online. I'm 56. But trust me, I look younger. And I really need to look good because my husband is 14 years younger than me. So my dear ladies, don't spare money on yourself.
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